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I had s session of healing from Hayley at Glastonbury, this healing had a profound change on me, I initially felt tired and not very focussed.
I sat down and a feeling of inner peace came took over, this feeling of oneness radiated through my inner soul and surrounded me. I felt an inner strength that I hadn?t felt for a long time, this continued - over  a month now, an inner strength, gave me the power to face a challenge, that was awesome. Thankyou.
Stephen Cox,  psychic artist, Glastonbury

I had a healing in April 2011. I remember during the healing becoming increasingly more relaxed and calm. Towards the end of the healing i had a vision! It was as if someone had switched on a TV screen in front of my eyes! In that vision  there was a man, a tired man, one who had been playing a game of tennis or running a race, not too clear! Anyway he was handing  a baton over to me... this did not make much sense to me then, however clarity came later!
The following day I was out walking, as I did most days, however that day it was somehow different! I had more energy, motivation...my head was looking up and I remember being amazed at the beauty in the sea the freshness of the grass...it was as if I had been awakened from a deep sleep! From that moment I experienced increased motivation to get something done, I wasnt sure at that time what it was, yet I became excited to explore and find what it was I was meant to be doing!
It was as if a divine spark inside of me had been re-ignited!
A Riley France

My spirit left my body and joined with the universe, bursting into a magnificent rainbow of colour, showing me exactly who I am, in perfect harmony with everything. I felt I had been healed from inside out and top to bottom.    K Vernon  Manchester

This healing completely changed me on so many different levels, it was the most energy I have ever felt during a healing session. It totally started a new chapter for me 10 out of 10.
D Hava  London

Amazing session - felt incredible energies moving about and clearing out from my crown all the way to my feet. I recommend this session to everyone.
O Bradley London

I am a non believer and this was my first reading, completely changed my view. Hayley was spot on and gave me really good advice, will definitely be booking again. Thank you!
Melanie SE London
I had my first reading today so wasn't too sure what to expect. I really enjoyed it and couldn't believe how right she was about things. Would defo do it again.
V Skinner SE London