Hayley Rogers

Teacher Healer and Guide


Tel: 07868 170 343


A  healing session can leave you feeling more in balance and harmony with yourself giving you a lift and a better outlook on your life. All healing starts with yourself, Hayley will provide the space so you are able to start to relax and let yourself heal. Usually healing energy comes from universal chi energy and light, it is always supported by the angels and your guides, you may get tremendous healing on your first visit and maybe that is all that is needed. 

There are other forms of energy work that can be received which may be termed as healing, sometimes a person may need clearing of some old emotions which they haven't been able to let go of or a person may be feeling stuck or at a crossroads and not sure which direction to take however you are feeling a recommendation can be made on your first session as Hayley uses her intuition and discusses with you where you are feeling blocked in your life or in your energy.  

Having being trained in the deeper mysteries of life such as the Western Mystery tradition,  kabbalah and Egyptian magic Hayley has been taught various healing techniques and modalities which have a deep and lasting effect, these can really assist you in making desired changes in your life to move forward as well as helping you to release the painful experiences from the past. She has travelled extensively and taught on an international team of healers bringing her experiences to many.

Etheric Surgery

Negative energy can get stuck in the aura causing physical disease, trauma and repeated emotional patterns.  By removing the blocks and filling with light the client is able to move forward in their life in a healthier and happier way.

An Etheric surgery treatment can have a major affect on your life.

Sound Healing

This healing energetically cleanses the the whole system. It draws out and balances correcting the vibrational state of the body using sound. Its beneficial if you have been doing alot of emotional release work especially in times of grieving and can help with addictions.

Unified Chakra Awakening

This healing unifies and awakens a whole new chakra system of 2,418 chakras. The nervous system wakes up! 

As a result of this work, you will experience an increase in spiritual awakening and sensitivity.

Compliments the Adam Kadmon Activation

Remote Healing and Energy Clearing

You can have healing sessions done from your own home, in some cases this is needed and most ideal. If you feel you have an imbalance or interference in your energy field or in your home or you just prefer to have remote healing then please email your details.