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Teacher Healer and Guide


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Full Moon Goddess Celebrations

Monthly Full Moon celebrations, Honouring the Goddess.
We will be celebrating  the Goddess and harnessing  the energies of the full moon to bring about empowerment and healing through the divine feminine. 
Each Full Moon we will be working with different aspects of the Goddess relating to the energies that are presenting themselves to us. 

please check the calendar for upcoming events

Adept Initiation

Be initiated into an ancient tradition where you can unlock your true potential to our divine self.

In this 2 day workshop you will have your energy expanded 10 fold so you can flow more energy and and have more light and empowerment in your life.

You will learn:

• Our progression, were we are going
• Tools for clearing negative blocks
• History of a true ancient Mystery School and its lineage • Basic Universal Kabbalah
• Proper meditation techniques
• The Chakras and energy flow Systems
• Physical Initiation into this ancient Lineage
• Tools for daily empowerment & protection
• Journey into your sanctuary and meet your Higher Self

To apply please register your interest

Cost £333 for your manual and class.  Initiation is free

next class scheduled November 25th & 26th

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